Solutionsurfers – Re-adjusting in conversation and life workshop with Peter Szabo

Date: 2018. február 27. 09:00 - 17:30

Peter is offering this new workshop on the astonishing capability of human beings to re-adjust when life does not evolve according to plan.

As solution-focused coaches we already strongly build on this capacity of our clients. During the day we will take a broader perspective on progress from this new angle.

Expand your professional options to

  • Catch clients when they re-adjust
  • Explore the process and speed of their re-adjustment
  • Build your curiosity, astonishment and awe about the secret of wanting what you get AND getting what you want.

Together we will experiment with the possibility of a new concept of change.

You will conduct several coaching conversations and reflect with a very special focus of attention and curiosity:

  • What happens while client’s thoughts begin to change direction?
  • How quickly does your client settle on a new line of thought?
  • And what exactly happens in those crucial seconds, minutes or hours while the direction starts to change? Warning: Depending on the experiences you make during this day your thoughts on how to be useful as a coach might change direction blush

Before the workshop you will receive some preliminary excerpts from Peter’s new book on re-adjustment titeled “Less than 0 seconds”.

Trainer: Peter Szabo

Cost: 80.000 HUF+VAT for members of ICF HUN and SE Association 20% discount



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Budapest, Hegedűs Gyula u. 52-54, 1133 Hungary




All Dates

  • 2018. február 27. 09:00 - 17:30

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