ICF & Hogan introduces: Future of Coaching in Organisations

Date: 2018. április 19. 09:00 - 17:00

Future of Coaching in Organisations

Exclusive regional ICF & Hogan Conference with limited seats


19-20 April, 2018

Akvárium, Budapest, Hungary

Tools, ways, methods in the brave new (?) world.

What’s beyond “going all #digital”?

HR events around Europe are focusing on the #FutureofWork, #Digitalization, #HRTech as we see the rise of Workforce analytics, Gamification and many other things.

Is digitalization going to take over the business fast? If yes, which players are going to have groundbreaking interventions?

Who has the chance to cater to the coaching community and its clients?

The ICF Hogan conference explores and questions new ways of thinking in the evolution of coaching.

Why should you attend?

As Business leaders:

  • Find out how the leaders in the coaching profession can help you support your business.
  • Explore how assessment tools and other supporting science based applications, how they can help your business to grow.
  • Meet worldwide known experts of the HR industry.
  • Talk with talented coaching professionals from all around Europe.

As professional coaches:

  • Learn about new techniques, trends and tools to use in your daily work.
  • Discover solutions to the globally recognised challenges of the coaching industry.
  • Network with like-minded coaches from all around Europe.
  • Meet potential partners and clients.
  • Co-operate with allies who can support your work.





All Dates

  • 2018. április 19. 09:00 - 17:00

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